Meet Vivienne Bonnah, the experienced fashion designer reshaping the industry through exquisite outfits for the classy woman, the creator of Viveene Bridal.

Blending creativity and quality, Viveene is redefining contemporary fashion with simplicity and innovation.  A fusion of classic elements and avant-garde accents, creating unforgettable ensembles for life’s special moments. 

Viveene Bridal showcase outfits  special occasions such as wedding and bridesmaid dresses, traditional wear and more are all at the experienced touch of the boutique.

Viveene Bridal empowers individuals, evoking confidence and celebrating individuality with bridal gowns and evening dresses. Her sustainability and ethical practices shape the brand’s identity and sets her apart. 

All Viveene designs tell captivating stories, transcending mere clothing and the team have a popular recurring fan base which reinforces this. 

Step into Viveene Boutique’s world, where impeccable craftsmanship and visionary design converge, offering wearable art for brides and those seeking show-stopping evening attire.